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The sky darkened over Ponyville as Fluttershy finished up her rounds in the Ponyville Animal Hospital. It had been 3 years since it was built but she still felt like it was a dream come true. The town electing her as the manager of the entire building came as no surprise to anypony, except Fluttershy. As Fluttershy finished checking the medicine cabinet, she gave a  small and delicate yawn. She would need to go home soon. She didn't want to be sleepy when she was dealing with patients tomorrow.

Fluttershy exited the building and began her walk to her cottage. The cool night air gently draped across Fluttershy as she slowly walked among Ponyville's streets. Thoughts drew her into a much longer walk than previously planned and soon she was humming to herself. The song she was humming was an old pegasus lullaby that her mother used to lull her to sleep with. As her mind wandered she began to think of her mother. How graceful and kind she was... how honest and... Fluttershy drew herself back. She didn't want to continue the train of thought she was on so she drove all other thoughts from her mind. The rest of her walk back home felt a little bit colder now.

Fluttershy arrived home and silently walked over to her couch and sat. Thankfully, all of her animals were asleep. She didn't want to be disturbed. Thoughts that she had told "no" to were starting to reappear. Fluttershy gave a small sniffle and looked at her floor. 'I thought I was through dwelling on this...' Her mother had been her idol, her protector. How could she protect her without being there? Fluttershy knew what was going to happen so she quickly left her cottage before her choked sobs woke the animals. There was only one way to get out of this funk...

Fluttershy gave out a small cute sneeze as she ruffled through old boxes in her attic. Eventually she found it. It was an old box filled to the brim with keepsakes and sentimental treasures. Fluttershy gave a weak smile as she noticed a case that still held all her baby teeth. Picking up the case, she reminisced on how her mother had held her close and told her  that it was perfectly natural to lose her first set of teeth. Tears welled in her eyes as she set the case down. She needed to find it... There! Blinking through tears and blurry vision, Fluttershy picked out the letter that had been stubbornly hiding at the bottom of the box. She unfolded it and began to scan the delicate script.

"My dear sweet Fluttershy,

I write this letter to you in the hopes of it guiding you through any darkness you encounter. My life has been so joyous with you in it. You have been the sunshine of my life and my reason for living. You have given me many memories to cherish and I am sure you would have given me so much more. But now it is almost time for me to pass on. I know you will feel much pain, even later in life. Please don't shy away from this pain. It is what makes us who we are. In a way, it helps us remember that everyone of us is precious and so special. If you can see the pain as a part of who we are, you can allow it strengthen your heart. No matter who you want to be and who you want to spend the rest of your life with, I will always be proud of you, sweetie."

There. The dam that had been holding back Fluttershy's tears once again broke. Small drops of sorrow fell to the letter, blurring some of the words. Letting out a small "Eep!", Fluttershy made sure to keep the letter out of the way until her crying died down to a more manageable level. She needed to finish the letter.

"I know you may feel like there is nothing left but there is! You will make friends, you will love, and you may even have a colt of your own one day. I may not be there to help you along the way but my spirit will always be with you. You will never truly be alone and I will never stop loving you.

Sincerely, Mom"

Fluttershy must have stared at the letter for hours. Small pops rippled through her as she sat up and allowed life to flood back into her joints. She smiled warmly at the letter she was holding.
"Thanks mom."
Basically, I was asked to write about why Fluttershy is so shy and reserved. Hasbro own MLP.
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That was very good!
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woah... people are still reading this? Want me to show you want I think is my best work?
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